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Glass jars make for better food storage – here’s why

What we are doing now – putting foodstuffs in glass jars (mostly Mason or Ball jars). Also we have moved away from storing foods in refrigerator in plastic, preferring glass as we phase out the plastic. I saved glass jars in our former home for the ‘someday’ when we could use them. Sadly we did not bring them to our new place, so starting all over again with saving the bottles and jars that can be reused in functional ways. Lori explains in her article why glass works better in food storage use.

Lori's Corner: Tips for Health and Home

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lori Carter. I don’t believe in wasting resources or items that can be reused, altered into a useful state, or decorated and used for other purposes. I recycle everything that I can that comes into the house. Many people are doing this as their “green thing”, but also to cut back on costs. This economy of ours is a mess. Prices keep going up but paychecks and income do not.

I will be posting about some of the ways I save by reusing items, buying items at rummage sales, thrift stores and yard sales. I will post from time to time projects that I did as special gifts to people using the “stuff” I don’t like to throw away.

Like Rich (The Angle Iron Pencil) I can see potential in almost everything. He sees it with the eyes of an artist, and…

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That period of life when what was so relevant isn't as relevant. Lighten Up!

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