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Columbia River Gorge Part 3: Beacon Rock 1

My husband has mentioned his experience with Beacon Rock in Columbia Gorge. I had thought he literally climbed it, handhold by handhold. He had said he hiked it and I envisioned primitive growth requiring him to beat out a hiking path. I didn’t realize there is already a path there to be taken. Not something I could do now, might have been able to to it back then when he was telling me about Beacon Rock.

Artistic Diversions

I just realized I had enough good photos from the Beacon Rock hike to do two posts, so I will.  This first part is about the path going up, which is not for people who are afraid of heights.

Beacon Rock - Door to the Sky Beacon Rock – Door to the Sky

I guess they lock this door at night, and if you’re hiding up there you either try to get down without falling to your death, or you call for a rescue, in which case, you’re a “violator” and you’ll be “cited”.  Anyway, I just thought this was a neat perspective on the beginning of a trail which gains 800 feet of elevation in a very short distance.  And this is how it’s done:

Beacon Rock - Walkways Beacon Rock – Walkways

As you can see, the narrow path is cut into the side of the cliff, and hand rails added. In some places, a wooden walkway spans rocks…

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