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Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Writer of this blog entry added some tempting photos. Causes me to revive a desire to spend some time in a visit to mineral hot springs

Simple Living Over 50

DSCN3146It is a tranquil morning as I gaze at the overcast skies of the Pacific Crest through the tall windows in the lounge area of the Bonneville Resort. I sit besides a large two sided fireplace and can feel the warmth of the heat next to me. A baby grand sits in the corner patiently waiting it’s opportunity to allow a musical artist to finely express her art upon it’s white and black keys.

Both my skin and soul feel revitalized from the many soaks in the hot springs mineral water that flows so freely here. After a fine dinner and quite conversation last night we found great delight in the hot mineral hot tub that sat on the balcony of our own room here overlooking the vast display of nature in the distance.

I return to my room after a few cups of coffee and the opportunity to take…

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Hey, hi there. So much I like to do, so little time to do it all. Happy to have health and time left to do it in this third phase of my life. Ahhh, my profile photo - well that's an old photo, I think about 2006, and even though I don't look like that any more, I like the photo.


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